Pixels Camps !FUN! Design & Illustration Services

Hello why are you here D:

These prices are subject to changes pending on the market situation.

I’m next to the Siemens Bar.

I will not work on NSFW or offensive content.


Slack Services

You can buy these on the #market channel via the Pixels Camp Slack


Logo Design

Price: 300 EXP

Design of a logotype to help identify your project. Further brand image services can be negotiated.



Vector Illustration

Price: 100 EXP

Simple illustration done in vector and delivered in .svg format. Examples include a character or a scene. Maybe your project needs a mascot?



“Your Project in a Nutshell” Illustration

Price: 150 EXP

Something to add to your presentation pitch (one slide), easily resuming what your product does in one image. Up to 5 steps.


!FUN! Services

Also available on Slack.


Silly Sketch

Price: 20 EXP

A silly sketch, posted on Twitter once finalized.


Handmade Temporary Tattoo

Price: 20 EXP

I have colorful glittery pens. Will only draw on hands and arms.


Shameless Self Promotion Card

Price: 1 EXP

You’ll get a card. It has pretty colors. You’ll have to come get it yourself tho.


Non-Fixed Price Services

You’ll have to get in touch with me via slack or personally.


Assets Pack

A pack including assets you need to help shape up your app, from game graphics to buttons. Negotiation pending on how much you need.


Better Vector Illustration

Need something fancier?


My Wallet